Casato Bertoia:
The excellence from the organic garden

The search for the ultimate balance with nature is a philosophy of life. Respecting the environment and practicing sustainable agriculture in line with the regulations for organic certification, rewards us with excellent results that express flavors and quality of the past.

Organic Certification

Plant selection, cultivation, and processing strictly follow the protocols for organic certification. Crop rotation allows the soil to regenerate and maintain its balance and fertility; there’s no use of synthetic products while the fertilizers are of organic origin only; use of natural and organic ingredients of the highest quality.


Every year we avoid planting our numerous vegetables in the same place to reduce the emergence of diseases and the attacks of soil insects. We take advantage of the natural ability of some plants to defend themselves (e.g. onion and aromatic plants) to effortlessly drive away certain pests from the garden. The natural presence of large grassy areas is also important to avoid damage to crops by allowing more careful management of insects.

The Casato Bertoia’s processing workshop

The processing workshop owned by Casato Bertoia is located is just a few steps away from the gardens, allowing for the optimization of the working processes to reduce waiting times and the consequent risks of oxidation of the fresh produce. In the garden, it is the expert eye that decides when the ideal time is to harvest each specific vegetable or fruit, also making sure that the workshop would be ready to accommodate that specific processing.

This is where hand weeding takes place, in order to select and pick only prime fruits and vegetables. Then, the latest generation machinery with digital control of temperatures and working processes guarantees the maximum quality and safety of each product.

The photovoltaic system provides energy for the various processes and a sophisticated microfiltration system ensures the use of pure water. The workshop is also where Casato Bertoia’s attentive research and development take place, optimization, and customization of recipes, experimentation of new processes, the use of ingredients and combinations to better enhance the tastes to always get the best from the organic garden.