Eco-sustainability as a lifestyle

We have chosen to be eco-sustainable right from the design stages of the our company, so that “being green” is a structural philosophy in our organization. We have chosen Organic Cultivation for offer product quality while preserving biodiversity.

San Lorenzo and Risorgive, springs of clear water.

The Risorgive (springs) area start from the city of San Lorenzo. In the alpine foothills the Venetian plain has accumulated over the millenia the gravel of glacier and rivers which sink into the aquifer. The immense quantities of water, finding clay soils, resurface spontaneously in our territory. The area, rich in clay soils, causes immense amounts of water to resurface spontaneously. It is these pure spring waters that we use to irrigate our crops.

Water conservation, a resource for the future

Water saving is achieved by spreading mulch in conjunction with a drip line. This solution allows drip irrigation, accomplished with the help of the photovoltaic system and solar energy during daytime. In this way, evaporation is avoided, and water consumption is significantly reduced.

PV system, natural energy

Nature provides us with clean energy for all our processes. Casato Bertoia’s photovoltaic system supports the electrical consumption of both the processing laboratory and the irrigation system of the organic vegetable garden.

Recyclable Packaging

The packaging is completely manufactured with recyclable materials such as cardboard, glass, paper etc. Its production follows the Organic guidelines and the concepts related to the theory of Green Economy.